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Amanda Frøslev Koch-Nielsen




60°22'48.9"N 5°20'04.6"E

Vandrestaven Udstillingspunkt is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition 𝙏𝙄𝘿𝙀𝙎 by Amanda Frøslev Koch-Nielsen on Thursday 25.06.2020 at 10.00 under the bridge by Florida (Bybane) 60°22'48.9"N 5°20'04.6"E.

The exhibition will be accessible by foot during low tide on Thursday (20.30–22.30) and Friday (09.00–11.00). During high tide Vandrestaven Udstillingspunkt recommends visiting the exhibition by sea kayak, which can be rented for free at in return for collecting waste in the waters and act against ocean pollution. Otherwise the exhibition can be seen from a distance on dry land.


Thank you Amanda Frøslev Koch-Nielsen for a truly amazing exhibition! It was marvelous to see it changing with the tides and the liveliness under the bridge. The second day of the exhibition we sprinkled the seabed with flower petals to watch them being caught in the rising tide. And thank you to the people who visited the exhibition wading through the water, sailing by kayak or simply just strolling by with their dogs. Not everyone knew they were at an exhibition but it seemed like everyone found a new curiosity towards the old bridge and the life beneath it. To begin with they searched curiously after the sculptures piping out between the huge stones of the vaults. While experiencing the quiet poetry of the sculptures blossoming together with the natural inhabitants of the cave-like environment, the visitors found other things than what was recently planted there. Many admitted, that even though they had lived in Bergen for several years they had never noticed this place before.
This is a very important part of Vandrestaven Udstillingspunkt. The place which usually is silenced in the traditional art context was now opening its mouth, telling its stories. It started to talk about the musselreef and the oystercatchers, the bridge and its possible history, the tide and its impact on the sculptures and the mystical atmosphere which they emphasized. All the loose ends and networks the visitors could continue and turn in to dialogue. We think this way of curiosity and participation in our surroundings is the key to understanding how we as humans are connected to various environments, and how no one should see themselves as outside or without responsibility.
This exhibition was a strong beginning for Vandrestaven Udstillingspunkt and we look forward to learn more from thinking with new places and milieus.

Photos by Lasse Hieronymus Bo

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